Arrenbie guitars are handmade, you can take this literally. When I was still studying the craft, I thought that machines were the way to go. But working with handtools is so much more satisfying and it gives you more control. It all starts with honing your tools. With sharp chisels and well set scrapers you can achieve a lot. Some of my fingerplanes are even handmade.
Below are some pics out of the workshop. 

working on a batch of ukelele's

working on a batch of ukelele's

Shaving braces

Shaving braces (action picture! )

Nothing can top the 'Zen' of profiling an Archtop!

Small hand tools do the job!

Cutting out the rosette on an archtop is not that easy...

Scraping the rosette flush

Final on rosette.

Gluing top to the rim.

We have a box! A very luxury box ;-)

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